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  • Portable Lipolaser Body Slimming Machine

    Characteristics of Portable Lipolaser Body Slimming Machine:

    1. Safe, Painless, noninvasive, without side effect.

    2. Excellent cooling system, more comfortable feeling

    3. Easy to operate and learn

    4. 8-inch color touch screen, more humane

    Lipolaser is a new technology using diode laser 650 nm and 980 nm for the physical reduction of fat. 650 nm is to enter into the subcutaneous fat layer for the purpose of ablation of fat cells, and 980 nm is to accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism to achieve the purpose of weight loss. These two wavelength work together, the slimming effect is perfect.

    Application of Portable Lipolaser Body Slimming Machine:

     1.Slimming,Cellulite reduction

     2.Body shaping

     3.Skin tighten

     4.Relieve fatigue

     5.Promote and accelerate the metabolism of body.