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  • (BM589) Bestview HIFU Machine For slimming and Skin Rejuvenation


    Applications of  HIFU Machine:

    1.Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation

    2.Non-Invasive Lifting for Face

    3.Eyebrow Lifting

    4.Jowl Lifting

    5.Nasolabial Fold Reduction

    6.Double Chin Reduction

    7.Body shaping

    8.Fat removal

    Focusing on the target area, ultrasonic wave is used to focus on the tissue penetrating and energy deposition, the ultrasonic wave is applied to the organism's pathological structure (therapeutic target),and the effect of ultrasonic mechanical effect,heat effect and cavitation is achieved.The effect is similar to the principle that the sun shines through the magnifying glass and causes the paper to burn in the focus place.

    The difference between high-intensity focused ultrasound and ultrasonic hyperthermia:

    • High intensity focused ultrasound focus region instantaneous temperature can be increased to 60 ℃, direct coagulationof cell proteins, the purpose of the ablation of cells. Can be used as a direct treatment, in principle only once treatment;

    • Ultrasonic hyperthermia is completely different, the temperature of the ultrasonic zone is generally 40~45, can not directly cause cell tissue coagulation necrosis, can only make its degeneration, may be used as an adjuvant treatment, general need to repeat.