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  • (BM-188) RF Vacuum Cavitation machine For weight loss and skin rejuvenation


    Cavitation + Radiofrequency + Vacuum

    Ultrasound Cavitation technology produces a concentrated energy which can disrupt the subcutaneous fat cells.The fat will be turned into triglycerides and released into the interstitial fluid between the cells. Water-soluble glycerol travels into circulatory system and contributes to new energy generation whereas the insoluble free fatty acids enters the liver, most patients will see the effect after a single treatment.

    Our ultrasonic cavitation machine :
    1. Our machine has 5 treatment head and 3 Germany imported  100% new power supply.
    2. Our machine has a more humanized design - the oil - water separator,which protects the machine from the erosion of oil and water.
    3. Our machine with the 40KHz  cavitation ,and the 1000K pa vacuum ,and the 5MHz , 500W outpower Monopolar /Tripolar /Multipolar RF.