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  • ( 115) ProExcel Very Strawberry Pudding - UNRESTRICTED- - - (GLUTEN FREE)

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    If you enjoy a creamy and fruity combination of strawberries then opt for your Strawberry  Pudding. 

    We are confident that you will enjoy the Strawberry  Pudding no matter how often you eat it. Our low price means you can buy it regularly and the value on offer will be difficult to match if you look elsewhere.

    We take pride in the products that we have on offer and truly believe that they can add great value to any weight loss diet. So if you have been struggling with your weight loss diet then buy our Strawberry  Pudding and you will have a tasty desert that you can eat as often as you want. 

    Nutritional info:

    Serving size 1  37 g

    Calories  133

    Total Fat:  1.5g

    Saturated Fat:  0

    Trans Fat: 0 g

    Cholesterol: 5 mg

    Sodium: 90mg

    Potassium: 60 mg

    Total Carbohydrate:  10g

    Dietary Fiber: 3g

    Sugars: 1 g

    Sugar Alcohol:  2g

    Protein:  20g