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  • (023860) Ranch Crunch Protein Chips - - RESTRICTED

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    expiry; 09/19

    Have you been searching for potato chips that are weight loss friendly and you can eat them on a regular basis due to how nutritious they are? Then we have got the right product for you, our Ranch Crunch Protein Chips have a unique potato chip taste that also have a lot to offer in the nutrition department.

    The Ranch Crunch Protein Chips per serving contain 130 calories, 4g of fat, 5g of fiber and 10g of protein. With such nutrition number you cannot go wrong by adding this snack to your weight loss diet for everyday consumption.

    We take pride in not only providing you snacks that are weight loss friendly but also in the quality of the taste. Our Ranch Crunch Protein Chips just like the rest of our products have ingredients which have been carefully selected to end up with a product which is truly top class, so buy a pack of yourself and see how great bag of potato chips can taste when you know how to select the right one.