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You Can’t Change Your Weight … Until You Change Your Mind!

All studies clearly show that most people are unsuccessful at permanent weight control.

Struggling to Stop:

 Emotional Eating, 

 Binge Eating,  


 And Can't  Achieve Permanent Weight Loss?

Want Personal Feedback & Insight Into
What's REALLY Stopping You
from Losing Weight Once and For All?

The Inner Diet:
The Inner Diet will identify what issues

 are interfering with your ability to control your eating

 and provide you with action plans and solutions

 that address those issues.

The Inner Diet is a personalized,


 user friendly assessment

 and treatment program.

The Inner Diet is comprised of three parts: 

1. The Inner Diet Questionnaire, 
2. The Inner Diet Personal Profile and 
3. The Inner Diet Activity Book.

Here’s what you will receive when you purchase 

the complete Inner Diet program:

Your 8-15 Page Inner Diet Personal Profile
Your 32 Page Inner Diet Activity Book
Over 2 Hours Of Inner Diet Audio Support
Delivered Immediately To Your Computer Via Email
No matter where you live, you have access to a free one-on-one  consultation with one of our experienced and professional weight loss counselors. 

You will receive all of this for only: $64.95

Free Yourself Forever from the Tyranny of Food! ...
And Stop Hiding Behind the Fat!

You don't have to face this alone! it's confidential.

You Can’t Change Your Weight … Until You Change Your Mind!