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(002174) IP - Vanilla Drink Mix

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 A timeless favorite so creamy and sweet that it will feel like a treat.


What does is the sell by date I see on food packages?

This date is provided by the manufacturer. Although it is not legislated (except for a few items) this is the date by which the seller should sell the product. This does not mean the food is unsafe to eat after this date. Read complete article on food expiration dates including a chart with times foods can be used past their printed dates.

Use by dates are simply convenience dates. They are not required by law. They are helpful for stores to know when to rotate stock. Some stores may choose to discount products which have exceeded the date . Some donate those foods (this is being encouraged more now that we are raising awareness of all the unnecessary food waste). Sadly, some still throw it away. It's perfectly safe to eat. Enjoy it!